We Forget

So many things do we forget, so little things do we store in this fragile and amorphous thing we call the brain.

I forgot what a catharsis it was to write, and reading a post from 3 months ago brought me back to a moment that has since passed but remains because I captured it with words. 

What a remarkable thing language is; in Lit and Humanities lesson today my professor talked about language being a combination of style, structure, forms.. So many details can be captured in a word, feelings and pictures can be evoked from sentences. 


The benefit of watching a Scifi series is that you actually learn stuff from the show. Apparently, the human brain cannot be kept alive for more than 6 hours  (even you put the right conditions, store it in the right liquid, etc) because the human brain depends on electrical stimulation for survival. So what this guy did was to take a part of another person’s brain and store it in other people’s brains. That way, the brain fragment received stimulations and the memories could be ‘hidden away’. The guy it was stolen from lost those memories, whereas the people who had it implanted received images they couldn’t comprehend so they were all regarded as schizophrenics/ having OCD.

Sometimes, in a certain atmosphere of faith or inspiration, a dream we have solidifies; we are able to see a certain possibility for our own lives as well as others. However, once we step out of that moment, it’s as if we step out of that faith in ourselves as well. And when a door of opportunity opens for the realisation of that dream, and we shrink back and question if our dream had actually been a fleeting daydream. We forget.

We forget how real and possible that dream seemed to us.

Our role is to remember, to reiterate, to never forget. For that dream is important for our lives as well as for others’. Just because it doesn’t exist in the present yet makes it so easy for us to discount it as a pointless fallacy. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. The moment we saw it, it existed (albeit just for that moment, because once we forgot it vanished). 

The door of opportunity opens only once. When it does, will we have the faith to walk through it- or will we choose to forget?



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