The Weightiness of a Calling

How precious a calling is to each one of us.

When asked the question, “Who here knows your calling?”, everyone bows their head. Silence ensues. We are afraid of destroying its sanctity with the crudeness of our words. We are afraid of saying it, because once we do we are expected to fulfil it.  We are afraid of saying it wrongly, because we fear that what we speak may just be wishful thinking on our part. It is laughable, that someone like me could possibly accomplish something like that. 

A calling seems something so weighty and heavy, a granite rock that we can scarcely lift. And even as we attempt to, it seems like a millstone that would drag us deep, deep down into that hauntingly black abyss. How cruel is life, to tempt us with something that is beyond our reach. 

No one can deny that in each person there is a little spark ignited, that no doubt and fear can ever smother or extinguish. Even if we ourselves like to cup our palms over it and look the other way, as if by doing so others, and even we, ourselves, would look past its existence.

When we are faced with the moment where we have to confront the reality of its existence, we quaver. Something curls up and dies within us. Dread, that sinking stone, stirs our depths. We are so afraid, so afraid even to believe. 

Fear is the greatest wall we must climb. It stands between us and our calling. In the presence of fear we would rather withstand and count more worthy a life of mediocrity, than have to face the challenge of confronting it. Fear cripples.

Yet we must confront it. Only then can we find ourselves at our most powerful, shining brighter than any darkness dare deny.

Let us rise up, and take the place at the centre of God’s will for our lives. 


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