I wrote this because sometimes I feel that we are stuck in stasis and suddenly a whirlwind whips and sweeps you off your feet. And  then it subsides and you’re left waiting for the next wave to launch you into that spinning mosaic joyful confusion all over again. Right now I’m in that whirlpool but I don’t know and I’m still waiting to find out if these all occur in seasons and maybe after a while I’d be left wanting all over again.

The break in the structure or rigid use of ‘w’ represents the freedom of not needing to be wistful and whimsical any more. Your are whole and you are worthy and life is waiting.


Weeping winter
Whistling wind blows
Welcome to my waiting.

One day more now
Whimpering wishbone
Welcome to my wanting.

Wonton anguish
Weary whistling
Welcome to my wishing.

Wonderful willow
We wax lyrical
Welcome to my watching.

Where why
Why don’t we – wait
When can we stop wandering?

Well, when reality
Wrenches you wholly,
Wriggle your wings.

It sets you free;


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