My thoughts on the CHC trial

So far, I have not posted many things about my thoughts on the trial, and the results on the trial. It’s been a really hard time for us, without having to deal with what a lot of other people are saying, but today a friend from abroad was asking me about the trial, and since I alr typed out my response, here it is.

The trial

Many people have different ideas about what the trial is really about. My friend shared a BBC article, and to clear any misconceptions, the case is not about leaders taking money and putting it in their own pocket. The question legally is with the issue of “misappropriation” not “embezzlement”, in the sense that church building fund monies were channeled into the bonds (and were all duly returned to the church) with no loss whatsoever, and the complication is that the bonds were linked to the crossover project (sun’s project) making it seem illegitimate or what they called “sham bonds”. The fact remains that there no personal gain whatsoever was involved. But after all, the crossover project was a church project, and it was genuinely to do with bringing the gospel to people who would never walk into church. Sun would share her testimony at the end of each concert and pastor would give an altar call, and the total of the Asia concerts saw tens of thousands of people responding. We partner with local churches there so the people who responded get followed up on. Thus, this case is more of a legal/jurisdiction issue than a moral one for that matter, and we do concede that methods could have been a lot better, but also fully understand that the leaders were really doing the best to handle a project of such a huge scale as we have never done before.

We don’t preach the prosperity gospel

And we definitely don’t preach the prosperity gospel. We just preach what the bible says, believe in tithing and giving our best to God. The amount doesn’t even matter. If you think about it such a prosperity gospel (the article describes) is not even sustainable, because it’s based on a wrong belief and the person will get disillusioned anyway and stop giving. But for us we like every other church give to God because the Holy Spirit has spoken into our hearts. Yes so we believe in giving, but only because the bible calls us to give. We are also not afraid of “prosperity” because many bible verses talk about God’s blessing, but ultimately the concern is with our own stewardship of what God has given to us. When God blesses you, can you still give of that 10%? Can we maintain that lifestyle of giving (and faithfulness in stewardship) as God blesses us, that I feel is the real question.

My personal experience with CHC

I love my pastor and leaders and church, because of the love and grace that has been poured into my life though their work. They have modelled the bible in being servant leaders, and their heart for God and for us has always been so evident to us. The way I learnt to pray and worship and the reason I even got saved in the first place is because of the ministry of the church. Many times God spoke through them into my life. God also raised up many powerful anointed leaders under them in the church who have poured love and wisdom into my life as well.

I feel like the crossover project is something that the world will find hard to understand, and even many Christians also misunderstand and hate on us. But the fact is that we love God and we would never do anything outside of His word. I feel like telling people, come examine the fruits. Come look at all the lives that have been changed and impacted. I have been saved from depression, suicidal thoughts amongst others. The inside view is very different from outside. About those “flashy halls” and whatever things, it’s not really the point also because it was never about those. We use visuals and lights to enhance worship or just basically to use our creativity in a way that glorifies God. What CHC has taught me is a spirit of excellence in whatever we do. So even a simple PowerPoint we will do our best. We are contemporary and relevant but we have always maintained our consecration. God is above all these things and the reason why we do these things, because He has called us to it. Anyways the truth will come to light. If God has called us to bear this cross, we will bear it.

That’s really all I have to say. But really, all you who are reading this post, of those who have known me and interacted with me.   That is who I am and that is the DNA of city harvest.

If anyone has any thoughts pls talk to me in person 🙂


A photo taken at our 26th anniversary


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