Madness in Mumbai

Here at home with random twinges of annoyance from my temperamental tummy. I guess this unpleasant feeling is something I should be thankful for as it gives me something to hold onto, and reminds me that the last 8 days have not been a fantasy. They were real. I write this with apprehension in my... Continue Reading →


Pain is Temporary

Yesterday, I was running with a friend. It was so long and arduous run, I reached the point where I could separate the burn in my thighs from the cognitive process that commanded 'just keep running'. That was actually a good point to reach, because it meant I had gotten over the whiny resistance of... Continue Reading →

Secret Eater

I think I'm going through a phase where I'm honest to others as well as myself, and today eating and food is something I want to come clean about. A lot of people know me as someone who is highly health and calorie conscious. I make comments about food being oily and unhealthy and fattening,... Continue Reading →


I wrote this because sometimes I feel that we are stuck in stasis and suddenly a whirlwind whips and sweeps you off your feet. And  then it subsides and you're left waiting for the next wave to launch you into that spinning mosaic joyful confusion all over again. Right now I'm in that whirlpool but... Continue Reading →

I Wish I Wasn’t Dead (Halloween)

I wish I wasn't deadFamiliar sceneour footsteps trace the floorspinning clouds of dust thatreverberate.a place we want to pass but never stay longyet tonight it's different. Tonight I'm rushing through up down alongyour splendid floor.this empty cavitythis sensitivityi feel as your eyessearch my frame. Yours are the only eyes I'd allowthough I'm running, I know hiding is never going to... Continue Reading →

The Weightiness of a Calling

How precious a calling is to each one of us.When asked the question, "Who here knows your calling?", everyone bows their head. Silence ensues. We are afraid of destroying its sanctity with the crudeness of our words. We are afraid of saying it, because once we do we are expected to fulfil it.  We are... Continue Reading →

We Forget

So many things do we forget, so little things do we store in this fragile and amorphous thing we call the brain.I forgot what a catharsis it was to write, and reading a post from 3 months ago brought me back to a moment that has since passed but remains because I captured it with... Continue Reading →

Taiwan Photoessay: Hospitality

Great hospitality, but mostly in the countryside I like big parties..they are so intimate. In small parties there is hardly any privacy at all.-Daisy from The Great Gatsby Ironic, but true. In Taiwan, Big Party is to Countryside and Small Party is to City. One would think that in the cramped setting of the city where... Continue Reading →

Sitting on a beige brown seat, a stripe amongst the interlacing and repeating brown and beige-brown stripes of seats, inside boarding gate D40. D40.. The boarding gates had always been to me a figure stored in my short-term memory then quickly disposed of once I had entered and it was no longer necessary. To me,... Continue Reading →

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