Days slip into days when the blazing roars of emptiness clamour over my soul, and the dull and deadening pain of loss and grief for - what - I do not know - digs nails deeper and deeper. Yes, there are thing to hold onto, little peeks in every day that make it a little... Continue Reading →


My thoughts on the CHC trial

So far, I have not posted many things about my thoughts on the trial, and the results on the trial. It's been a really hard time for us, without having to deal with what a lot of other people are saying, but today a friend from abroad was asking me about the trial, and since... Continue Reading →


Today, during bible study, we talked about a question that many Christians have, but it is something we too easily put aside and choose not to think about. But it is something that is essential to our walk as Christians. It is the topic of prayer. Oswald Chambers said, “Prayer does not equip us for... Continue Reading →

Sunday and Monday

Sunday night- Bursting with just the joy and the freedom of this truth. I honestly felt such immense joy bubbling up in my soul. Gods focus on grace rather than rules shows us that who we are is way more important than what we do. The enormity of this truth was so pure and wonderful... Continue Reading →

Saturday: Free and Light, Far Better

My Saturday, Sunday and Monday over Easter. It will be a continuation of several posts. Saturday - I was so consumed with love and joy, reading Jesus Is (a book by Judah Smith, kindly lent to me by Anthea) and attending Easter service. Two verses from the Message version of the scripture: Matthew 11:29-30, "Learn... Continue Reading →

Saved by Grace

The past few days, I have rather pensive on the approach of Easter. This year, more so than any previous year, I am acutely aware of the particular threshold I am about to cross. Five Easters ago, possibly on Friday but I'm not too sure, I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior and received Him... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home

It's always great coming back to Singapore. Particularly because of the priority a local has, being equipped with a biometric passport, to simply flit through a few barriers while the hordes of foreigners are frozen in endless, snaking queues. A screen above the automated exit says "Welcome home". Not to mention the enigmatic persona that... Continue Reading →

A Year’s Worth of Resolutions

I guess people usually set their year's resolution on New Year's Day itself. Nonetheless, CNY just passed (in fact, it's still ongoing), so I guess this counts as well. I started thinking about my resolution on the flight to Chennai, on New Year's Day itself. In that in-between period, I've written a lot of things,... Continue Reading →

Every Crisis is a Crisis of Faith

Yesterday, my friend shared his testimony of God's protection in a tough time of his life. He said something that I couldn't quite get out of my head. "It's quite sad that most of us only seek God when we have a problem." I couldn't quite reconcile that. Surely we can continually retain God in... Continue Reading →

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